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  • Situated between two Great Lakes, and home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World--the massive waterfall spanning an international border--Niagara County is a bedroom community to Buffalo, an economic engine itself, and New York's gateway to the 6.4 million consumers in the Greater Toronto area. It's also a place where families can be raised in safety, with desirable amenities like league sports, a first-rate park system, country and city living, and a true four seasons lifestyle!

    Niagara County
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  • Rural charm and lakeshore living are hallmarks of life in Orleans County. From quiet neighborhoods to bustling Erie Canal communities, Orleans County offers a high quality of life, with four seasons recreation. Whether it's boating on Lake Ontario, picking fresh apples, or enjoying small-town living, Orleans County is a family-focused community. Plus, with reasonable commutes to Buffalo and Rochester, and great affordable housing stock, it's a rising Western New York hub.

    Orleans County
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  • The City of Niagara Falls is famous, first and foremost, for the raw power of nature on display: 100,000 cubic feet of water pass over the American and Horseshoe Falls every second! Inside the city, you will find readily available housing stock and commercial properties that are ideal for every income level and people in every phase of their lives, from starter homes to family neighborhoods to quiet, retired communities. And, with public and private investment in revitalizing the downtown and rivershore areas, and the world-famous state park, expect Niagara Falls, USA to be the next boomtown!

    City of Niagara Falls
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  • No word defines North Tonawanda more accurately than "Fun!" North Tonawanda, situated at the meeting spot of the Erie Canal and the Niagara River, is a beloved Western New York summer destination. Referred to in some quarters as "the Venice of Western New York," NT is a boaters' paradise. And that's never on display more fully than the annual summertime CanalFest, a weeklong extravaganza that features a Carnival atmosphere, fireworks, and exotic foods from around the world. It's also a great place to raise a family--and with quality housing stock, you'll find what you're looking for no matter what your income level or point in life.

    City of North Tonawanda
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  • Lockport has it all. This city of 21,000 is noted for its stately streets, its proud traditions, and its key role in history, having served as the linchpin for the Erie Canal that opened the West to trade. Today, though, it's known mostly as a great place to raise a family. With diverse housing stock, a reinvigorated downtown, and access to some of Western New York's most vital road networks, it's becoming the hot Buffalo exurb for young ladder-climbing executives. Take a stroll along the banks of the Erie Canal and soak in the history!

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